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We are saddened by what is happening locally and around the world with the onset of the Corvid-19 Virus and its effect on everyone!

We are keeping everyone in our thoughts including our buyers, sellers, our partners in business and all those businesses

that are or will be experiencing financial challenges due to the many shutdowns.

We are Open for Business by giving us a CALL at 815-786-9418 or 630-553-3333 if you need assistance.

KEEP safe, well and positive!  We shall endure!

Local Churches

**All content is for informational purposes only and not warranted for accuracy.  If you have a concern or would like to add or change informational please email us at 

Sandwich Churches

Church of the Nazarence

205 West College

Sandwich, IL 60548

Rev. Larry Fortado

Church: 815-786-8230

Christian Science Society

117 East Second Street

Sandwich, IL 60548

Emmanuel Baptist Church

701 E. Lions Road

Sandwich, IL 60548

Rev. David Schoenbeck

Federated Church

403 N Main Street

Sandwich, IL 60548

Rev. Kenneth Ritchie

Church: 815-786-8595

First Apostolic Church

221 N. Eddy Street

Sandwich, IL 60548

Pastor John William Davis

Church: 815-786-2941

Fox Valley Community Church

(meets at Fox Valley Community Center)

1406 Suydam Road

Sandwich, IL 60548

Pastor Wayne Brown

Harvest Chapel Assembly of God

725 W. County Line Road

Sandwich, IL 60548

Church: 815-786-8669

Fax # 815-786-6889

Cornerstone Church

17347 Pratt Road / P.O. Box 5 (formerly Northside)

Sandwich, IL 60548

Pastor Paul Banister

Church: 815-786-6300

Fax# 815-786-7599


Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

2465 W. Sandwich Road

Sandwich, IL 60548

Rev. David J. Kaul

Church: 815-786-6406


Salem Lutheran Church

1022 N. Main Street

Sandwich, IL 60548

Pastor Carol S. Gates Church:


St. Paul’s Catholic Church

340 W. Arnold Rd.

Sandwich, IL 60548

Rev. Andrew C. Hougan Church:


Fax# 815-786-2977


United Church of Sandwich

512 E. Lions Road

Sandwich, IL 60548

Rev. Chung-Nam Kwak

Church: 815-786-9243

Somonauk Churches

Somonauk Baptist Church 

315 E. North Street 

Somonauk, IL 60552

Pastor David Johnson 

Church:  815-498-2312


St. John the Baptist Catholic Church 

320 S. Depot Street 

Somonauk, IL 60552

Rev. Kevin M. Butler

Church: 815-498-2010


St. John’s Lutheran Church

235 S. Green Street 

Somonauk, IL 60552

Pastor William Weidenbach

Church:  815-498-3667 


Somonauk United Presbyterian

14030 Chicago Road 

Somonauk, IL 60552 

Rev. Dr. Anne Hoflen

Church:  815-786-2703


Union Congregational Church 

305 S. Gage Street 

Somonauk, IL 60552

Rev. Ted (Pastor Ted) Engelsdorfer

Church:  815-498-2277




Plano Churches 

Church of Christ
N. Lew Street
Plano, IL 60545
Lloyd Atherton, Minister
Church: 630-552-8735

Plano Christian Church
9 Schomer Road
Plano, IL 60545
Rev. Stan L. Motley
Church: 630-552-7640

First Baptist Church
116 N. Hale Street
Plano, IL 60545
Church: 630-552-3641

Community of Christ
320 S. Center St.
Plano, IL 60545
Pastor Jan Stoneking
Pastor Jon Young
Church: 630-552-8990

First Lutheran Church
200 N. Center St.
Plano, IL 60545
Rev. Bruce Booher

Living Hope Church
605 S. Hugh St.
Plano, IL 60545
Pastor Marcus Johnson

St. Mary Catholic Church
810 N. Center Street
Plano, IL 60545
Fr. Jerome Zalonis
Church: 630-552-3448 Fax: 552-3450

Plano Bible Church
1111 W. South St.
Plano, IL 60545
Rev. Bruce S. Main
Church: 630-552-8877

Plano United Methodist Church
219 N. Hale Street
Plano, IL 60545
Rev. Christina Vosteen
Church: 630-552-3700

Living Heritage Lutheran Church
3952 Turner Ave.
Plano, IL 60545
Rev. James Barbey
Office: 630-552-3926

Leland Churches

Bethany Lutheran Church 

235 E. Lundy Street 

Leland, IL 60531

Church:  815-495-4431


Faith Baptist Church

9931 Suydam Road 

Leland, IL 60531

Church: 815-498-3355

Leland United Methodist Church

280 N Locust Street 

Leland, IL 60531

Church:  815-495-4561

St Petrie Lutheran Church

720 North 43rd Road Box 472

Leland, IL 60531

Pastor Gerald and Carolyn Steele

Church:  815-246-9890




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