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When Selling Your Home

Make repairs around the house yourself or hire someone to make those repairs for you.  Broken or outdated things around your house will only be a “red-flag” to potential buyers.  Put your best foot forward before you place the “for sale” sign in your front yard. You only have one time to make a first impression! Stage the house. Staging involves deeply cleaning, decluttering, depersonalizing and arranging furnishings to make your house as appealing as possible. According to a survey by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals and, 95% of staged homes sell in 23 days or less, on average. So we painted the walls in a stairway that were scuffed and the ceiling of our kitchen and sunroom because they had some stains. I packed up most of my family photos that were on shelves, tables and walls. If necessary, get a storage unit, so you can clean out closets and put items we weren’t regularly using into it.

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