When selling your home – curb appeal matters!!  With the spring market nearly here it’s time to make a plan to make sure your potential buyers are seeing the beauty of your home as they drive up.

We wanted to share information provided by our friends at Aztech Landscaping and Paving.

“With good weather just around the corner it is time to start thinking about spring clean-ups for your landscaping. Winter usually creates a muddy, messy nightmare out of our backyards and this year was no exception. Your spring clean-up should take place before your first lawn application to ensure debris is removed before you treat for crabgrass or lay down new grass seed.

You always want to start by removing any and all debris from the lawn which can include fallen leaves, tree limbs, mulch and gravel pushed into the lawn from plows, and dead plant material. If you didn’t receive a fall clean-up this is the time of year to cut old perennials and ornamental grasses back to encourage new growth. Also, it is important to remove any excessive mulch that has been building up. Trees and shrubs should be pruned that as well may have suffered damage from ice and wind. Plant sizes can also be reduced during this process to keep the planting beds from becoming congested and over grown. Done correctly, a spring clean-up is the best way to jumpstart a healthy and long growing season.”