Every day is good day to call Swanson Real Estate to discuss the value of your home when SELLING or if you are starting the process of BUYING a home – regardless if it’s your first home or third plus. Home values tend to fluctuate in comparison to what has sold in the area plus so much more. Our team of real estate professionals have the tools to make it happen and offer their expertise. There is more to home value than just your address, there are many factors that go into determining the “right price” for both sellers & buyers. Most homes are UNIQUE so beware of comparing Apples to Oranges. Swanson Real Estate’s professionals can guide you with not only the value of your home, but a means to market and sell your home or buying the right home that will fit your lifestyle and financial needs. When Buying or Selling call Swanson Real Estate at 815-786-9418 or 630-553-3333