The MARKET is HOT and home listings are SELLING fast!! The real key to a fast sale is pricing your home RIGHT and taking the advice of your selling agent and pay attention to the comparable of homes that have sold in your area. Also, we understand it’s difficult to take the emotions out when selling but it’s best to look at selling your home as a business transaction.

Home sellers want to sell their house for top dollar but be realistic about the value of the property and how buyers will see it. Today’s buyers and their buyer’s agent are educated (as they should be) and overpricing your home can literally be the “kiss of death” when securing an expedited sale of your home.

Many times, if you’ve overpriced your home, it may take longer to secure a buyer and chances are you’ll eventually need to lower the number, but the peak period of activity that a new listing experiences is already gone. There is no magic wand when pricing a home to sell although the longer your home is on the market, buyers will begin to wonder if something is wrong with your house. The best advice we can offer is LISTEN to your Realtor when pricing your home!

HOT or NOT – Remember once your home has a contract on it, the buyer typically will be securing financing and their lender will have an appraisal performed to protect their financial interest.


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