When it comes to selling a home, the New Year rings in opportunities.

The most serious buyers are looking in the beginning of the new year. They are not just kicking tires at open houses. If you’re planning to sell in 2019, especially in the first three months, now is the time to get ready.

Tips for selling:

  • Identify a real estate agent early: An experienced agent can guide you through the process from listing to home staging, an important step in getting ready to sell. Contact one of Swanson Real Estate’s professionals – Click HERE to meet our team!!
  • Purge and pack: Winter is an excellent time to purge nonessential items from oft-avoided areas of the home like unfinished storage rooms, closets and cupboards. Donate, sell or gift unwanted items. Begin packing items you plan to keep. Ahead of showing the house to potential buyers, the space you free up can be used to store items that typically live on counters, personal care items and cleaning supplies.
  • Update and upgrade: Change an outdated chandelier. Paint an old oak bathroom vanity and add new hardware. Switch out the bathroom vanity light, mirror and faucets. Installing new carpet is a game changer. If changing out is not possible, obtain a cost quote to have new carpet. if this isn’t possible, at least know the cost of having new carpet installed. It provides the power of knowledge when it comes to negotiating your sale.
  • Power of paint: By far, the most powerful positive change you can make for the least amount of money is with a paintbrush. Do not neglect spaces like unfinished basement walls and floors. These spaces can go from scary and uninviting to fresh and welcoming with a gallon of paint.

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